Early Childhood Australia National Conference 2019



About the 2019 ECA National Conference

Become a better educator with real-world advice, best practices and practical takeaways at the 2019 Early Childhood Australia (ECA) National Conference.

Join leading experts from Australia and overseas and learn the latest in early childhood. With sessions on everything from learning environments, sustainability and educator wellbeing to leadership and reconciliation, and more, you’ll leave with dozens of ideas to improve your practice and advance your career.

Attendance at the ECA National Conference ensures that no matter how long you have been in the early childhood sector, your capabilities keep pace with current standards and you maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills you need to deliver the best education and care for young children.

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Why attend?

Our conference will open you up to new possibilities; new knowledge and new skills areas. We look forward to welcoming past and new attendees to Australia’s most comprehensive early childhood event.

‘I really want to attend but it’s too expensive’

Attending the 2019 ECA National Conference will inspire ideas that can help boost your practice and the services that you offer to children and your community. The conference is the largest early childhood conference in Australia and it offers a wide range of options for educators, directors and executives that cover every aspect of the sector. The sessions at the ECA conference dive deep into theories and practice, with speakers presenting cutting edge research. The end result is that attendees will take home with them, or take back to their service, the latest ideas for improving their practice.

‘I have found that my attendance at the conference has reignited my desire to build my professional knowledge and extend myself further in the field of early childhood. The presentations and classes on offer at the conference match the journey I have mapped out for myself within the sector.  The support, knowledge sharing and opportunities that stem from the conference are endless and inspiring.—2018 ECA National Conference attendee.

‘I am already watching similar content in webinars online’

The 2019 ECA National Conference is taking place in Hobart, Tasmania. Although we feel that nothing quite matches an in-person experience—meeting other sector professionals or networking directly with conference speakers and having the opportunity to ask targeted questions—we do realise that various factors like the limited number of tickets might restrict attendance. However, in 2019, for the first time, you won’t have to settle for similar content in webinars, as you will be able to view a selection of the actual content from the Conference online via a virtual delegate pass! We are also working hard to provide additional benefits to the 2019 ECA National Conference virtual delegates to enhance the experience.

‘Do I have to be an ECA member to attend?’

The ECA National Conference is open to anyone associated with the early childhood sector. Every session is packed with useful advice applicable to every early childhood professional—it is not just for ECA members.

‘I’m not sure if I can have that much time away from work’

By dedicating time to experience the ECA National Conference, you will be able to focus and fully immerse yourself in ‘learning mode’, which will allow you to execute what you learn faster and give you new ideas. When you return from the event, you can deliver a presentation on what you’ve have learnt and how it can be applied in your workplace or service.

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